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Do You Have a Reliable IP Scanner Installed? Advanced IP Scanner is Quick & Easy.

Every Network Administrator or Security Administrator should have a few basic tools installed and ready to go at a moments notice.  Advanced IP scanner is a reliable and free network scanner.  It offers complete analysis of your entire LAN, showing live IP addresses and giving you the ability to remotely control systems with RDP and Radmin.  It’s installable or fully portable, so you can keep it in your Dropbox or NextCloud folder for convenient access.


Key features of Advanced IP Scanner include:

  • Remote Shutdown (and Wake-on-Lan)
  • MAC address to IP resolution
  • Exportable scan results via CSV
  • Quick access to discovered network shares
  • Remote Control via Radmin & RDP
  • Built-in tools such as SSH, tracert, telnet and ping.




If you don’t already have a favorite network or IP scanner installed, head over to Advanced-IP-Scanner’s website and download it.  It’s portable, so you wont have to install anything. Just select “run” after opening the executable.   Direct download link provided below.


Advanced IP Scanner is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Click here do download ipscan24.exe


Advanced IP Scanner Website

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