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Exchange Email Hosting

Some of our customers prefer the added benefits of having their mail hosted on a collaborative platform, such as Microsoft Exchange platform.  Serenity-networks has offered Exchange Email Hosting for nearly a decade.  We have a multiple Exchange clusters with servers located across the USA.


We like to talk one-on-one with potential customers interested in Exchange Email Hosting, so we can fully understand your needs and cater a solution for you.  There are no prerequisites for Exchange Email Hosting, other than owning your domain name and having control of its DNS records.  Your domain does not have to be parked with Serenity-Networks, although it’s preferred.


All Exchange Email Hosting accounts include industry leading spam filtering with nearly 99% accuracy.  All inbound and outbound emails are routed through our redundant filtering platform and, when possible, mail is encrypted when transported over the internet to protect your privacy.
For small businesses, or groups of users, we offer shared Public folders, shared email addresses, shared address books, and shared calendars within your organization.  These are features of Exchange and we do not charge extra for them.  Our currently deployed Exchange platform is based on Microsoft Exchange 2013. We are currently testing Exchange 2016.


If you are interested in Exchange Email Hosting, please contact sales at [email protected] and we can discuss a solution for you. We have a 5 account minimum for new customers.  Prices start at $8/month/account, which includes 15GB of storage.  Discounts are given at various tiers. Additional features and storage are available as well.