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FreeNAS 9 Error When Adding Volume – You must specify a new volume name…..

I’ve had quite a few friends and colleagues run into a problem trying to create a volume on FreeNAS.  This applies to FreeNAS 9, as well as older versions such as 8.  The error they get when clicking “Add Volume” is this:

“You must specify a new volume name or select an existing ZFS volume to append a virtual device.”

and under that:

“The volume name must start with letters and may include numbers, “-“, “_” and “.” “

Here is a screenshot:



The problem is quite simple.  You cannot use a number as the first character in the Volume Name; so in this case “300GB-SAS-RAID0” is an invalid name because it starts with a number instead of a letter.  To fix this, all you have to do is change the name to start with a letter.  I will change the name to “SAS-300GB-RAID0.”  As you can see, this allows you to add a new volume successfully.




Hopefully you didn’t have to waste too much time figuring this one out!  It can be quite frustrating when the solution is so obvious.  Until next time… Thanks!