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How to add a vLAN to a Cisco UCS using Unified Computing System Manager

Cisco’s UCS platform is an amazing blade infrastructure.  They are extremely reliable, very fast, and easily expanded.  Today, I’m going to briefly go over how to add a vLAN to your Cisco UCS setup, using the Cisco Unified Computing System Manager.  This guide assumes you have already configured the vLAN on your network and you have trunk-enabled ports being fed into your UCS and/or Fabric switches.


Go ahead and log into the Cisco UCS Manager.  Once you have logged in, select the LAN tab, then VLANs (in the left column).  Once there, click the New button, up at the top, and then Create VLANs.


For the VLAN Name/Prefix, give the VLAN a unique identifiable name.  In the VLAN IDs field, you need to enter to exact vLAN ID that was assigned to the vLAN when you configured it on your network infrastructure.  Once you have filled in those two fields, click OK.


Next, click the Servers tab in the top left corner of the UCS Manager.  Once you have selected the Servers tab, expand Service Profile Templates > vNICs > vNIC name .  Once you are on the vNIC page, in the Right Pane, you will see the option to Modify VLANs.  Select Modify VLANs.


When the modify dialog appears, you will see a list of all vLANs that exist on your UCS.  The newly created vLAN, however, will be unchecked.  Go and and check the new vLAN, then click OK.


When you click OK, you will get a configuration warning corresponding to each of you configured vLANs.  This is normal.  Click Yes.


You have now added a new vLAN to your Cisco UCS.  If you would like to verify that your blades / servers have access to it, you can expand Servers > Service Profiles > root > name of blade > vNICs > vNIC name > VLANs.  You should see your new vLAN listed, and ready to add to VMware vSphere.  As you can see, the new vLAN I created, 21, is now listed.


If you need help adding a new vLAN to VMware vSphere, click here to read a guide I wrote on doing just that.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.  Thanks!

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