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Infrastructure Services


Our services are designed specifically for small businesses, allowing us to solve problems that directly affects today’s businesses. We specialize in providing infrastructure for businesses that have employees geographically separated. Our VPN and Intranet services allow all employees to function as if they were on a traditional network in an office building. Our infrastructure allows us to provide many solutions for small businesses, such as:


  • Microsoft Exchange-based collaborative email, calendar, and contacts.
  • Advanced spam filtering with 99%+ accuracy.
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps, providing Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and other applications.
  • Fast and secure Site-to-site VPN connectivity for unlimited geographically separated sites.
  • Advanced integrated web hosting platform.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure to protect your businesses valuable proprietary data.
  • Server colocation and custom Virtual Private Server solutions.
  • Microsoft SQL Database Services
  • Multiple Business Intelligence platforms to suite your needs and budget (Including Microsoft Dynamics AX and others).
  • Managed Desktop Services, providing full administration on workstations (configuration, antivirus, maintenance, etc.).


Whatever your business’s needs are, Serenity-Networks has a solution.  Contact our sales group and an assigned engineer will work with you to design a custom solution quickly and on budget.  We offer a full 15 day money back guarantee.  We have customers today that came on board 15 years ago that have great things to say about us.  Take a look below.


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Serenity-Networks is great and easy to work with. They provide us with a great service, they always make sure everyone is on the same page and everything is clear. Highly recommended.

Paul Drude, B & C Instruments, Huntsville AL


I recommended Serenity-Networks for the business my wife manages. The business uses Serenity-Networks for a Windows server which is used via remote desktop, at a very affordable rate. This scenario allows employees to work from anywhere… Home, office, hotel room, etc.. I recommend it highly.

Kipp Woodard, Lewis AMC, Madison AL